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Launching an application or URL during an incoming call in the desktop and web app

Last updated on October 26, 2022

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You can integrate third-party apps and websites with the desktop and web app to collect and manage relevant information about your incoming calls. You can set up the app to automatically launch apps or websites when you receive or answer a call. This feature is useful if:
  • You need to document call information in an app, CRM system, or online database.
  • You need to pull up the caller’s records from an online database upon receiving a call.

Enabling the launching of external apps or URLs for incoming calls

  1. In the desktop or web app, click Settings in the left navigation bar.
  2. Go to Phone > General, then scroll down.
  3. Next to Launch an external app or website for incoming calls, slide the toggle to enable. The Manage external apps or URLs for incoming calls window will appear.
Launch an external app or a URL on incoming call under Phone settings
  1. Click the Launch an external app or website when dropdown to select the situation in which you want to launch a specific app or website:
    1. A call begins to ring: The specified website or app will launch as soon as the call arrives.
    2. A call is answered: The specified website or app will launch after you answer the call.
  2. Enter a URL in the Enter command field, or click the Browse icon to choose an application. Enter the supported parameters at the end of the path or URL, as needed. Read more about using parameters.
  3. Click the Test button to confirm the command or behavior you’ve set up.
  4. Click Save.
Enter URL or browse app to launch

Using parameters when launching an external app or URL

You can manage your incoming call conditions or behaviors by inserting parameters, or variables, that you use to define the function in your chosen command. These commands can be the URL or file path that you want to launch.

For example, you can enter the parameter number=%P after the URL to launch a browser, open a webpage, and pass the caller’s phone number details to a website. You can also enter the parameters %P and %N after the file path to open an app on your computer and pass the caller’s phone number and full name to the app.
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