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Configuring your Video company meeting settings in Admin portal

Last updated on February 14, 2022

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You can configure settings related to Video in your account, such as:
  • Basic settings
  • Security settings
  • Recording settings
  • Email notifications settings

Configuring company meeting settings

To configure your company video settings, go to Admin portal > Meetings > Meetings Settings. This sets the default settings for all users in the account. The users can then change their personal default settings in My extension.
  • Basic: Enable or disable the following settings:
    • Play a sound when participants join or leave a meeting
    • Allow chat in meetings
  • Security: Enable or disable the following security settings: 
    • Enable meeting password for scheduled meetings
    • Restrict screen sharing to hosts & moderators
    • Allow only authenticated users to join meetings
    • Require participants to enter a waiting room before joining the meeting
    • Participants can only join after the host
Note: This setting only applies only to newly scheduled meetings after they have been changed.
  • Recordings: You can allow meetings to be recorded.
  • Email Notifications: Select when email notifications are sent to the participants:
    • When meeting recording is ready
    • When meeting recording is deleted
    • When meeting recording is shared
    • When meeting has ended

Lock or unlock meeting settings

Admins can further secure Video meetings by locking the settings for all users in the account via the online account. The users will not be able to make changes to a specific setting when locked by the administrator.
  1. Log in to the online account, as an administrator.
  2. Go to Admin Portal > Meetings > Meetings Settings.
  3. Select the settings that need to be enabled and locked. To prevent the participants from changing the setting on their end during a meeting, click the Lock icon. You can go back to this page to unlock the setting after the meeting.
Meeting settings in Admin Portal
Once locked, users will see a locked icon next to the setting.
Locked setting in Meetings settings

Configuring your Video meeting settings in My extension

  1. Log in to the online account.
  2. Go to Settings > Meetings.
  3. Select the settings that need to be enabled or disabled. 
Comfigure meeting settings
Note: If one of the settings is locked and you need to change it, contact your administrator.
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