Managing auto-receptionist in the mobile app 

Last updated on February 14, 2022

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With the auto-receptionist feature, you can:
Note: This feature can be configured by an administrator using the admin portal or mobile app.

Accessing the auto-receptionist menu

  1. Depending on which device you’re on:
    1. For Android devices, tap the More icon at the bottom right.

b. For iOS devices, tap your profile photo at the top left.

  1. Tap Admin tools
Admin tools
  1. Tap Phone system > Auto-receptionist.
Tap phone system

Auto-receptionist settings

Auto-receptionist setting
  • IVR mode: Choose how calls to your company number are connected. Your options are:
    • Single level: Calls to your company number can be connected to an auto-receptionist or connected directly to an extension that you've created. 
    • Multi-level: Calls to your company number can be connected to a top-level IVR menu which can be configured to connect to an additional IVR menu or other system extensions.
  • Company Hours: Set your company hours to 24 hours (default) or Specify hours (custom).
  • Company Call Handling: Provides call handling options for top-level IVR menus or extensions. This controls what callers hear when they dial your company number(s) during and after business hours.
  • General IVR Settings: Customize what menu options callers have access to and where it connects the callers.
  • Company Fax Recipient: Select the extension to receive faxes when connecting incoming calls to company numbers to IVR menus with multi-level IVR enabled.
  • Dial-by-Name Directory: Allows callers to find the extension they want by entering a first or last name using their dial pad keys. You can assign names to extension numbers by tapping Extensions in Directory.
  • Call Recording: Enable your users to record calls at any time by pressing *9 on a phone dialpad. You can also choose recording start and stop greeting by choosing one of the following options: Default or Custom. You can also choose the default language the greeting text of the recording is. 
  • Regional Settings: Set user's location, language, greeting language, and time zone. Modify the fields as desired, and then tap Save.
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