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Viewing and managing a fax 

Last updated on May 9, 2022
With Vodafone Business UC, you can send and receive faxes without a fax machine. You can view, download, forward, or delete a fax.
Desktop & web
Admin Portal
Phone app
  1. Open the app on your desktop or web browser. 
  2. Select Fax from the left navigation bar. 
Note: Depending on how your tabs are customized, you may need to click More > Fax.
Fax navigation.
  1. Hover over a fax entry to show your options at the far right: 
    • Click the person icon and select Create new contact or Add to existing. 
    • Click the eye icon to view the fax.
    • Click the download icon to save the fax to your device.
    • Click the right arrow icon to forward your fax to another recipient.
    • Click the circular arrows to resend a failed fax.
    • Click More and select Mark as read, Block number, or Delete.
View icon
You can see the number of unread faxes both over the Fax icon and to the right of the Received tab. Unread faxes are shown as blue text. Faxes will show as Sending, Sent, Received, or Failed.
  1. Open the mobile app. 
  2. Tap Fax in the bottom navigation bar. 
Note: Depending on how your tabs are customized, you may need to click More > Fax.
Mobile app fax location.
  1. Tap an entry to view the fax. You can:
    1. Tap the fax preview to view it in full screen. Tap again to return to the original size. 
    2. Tap the sender or recipient's name to view their contact info.
    3. Tap the More icon to delete the fax.
    4. Tap the More icon to save the fax or forward it to another recipient.
      • Open in…: Save the fax to your mobile device, open it in another app, or share it. 
      • Forward as fax: Forward the fax to another recipient. This will be sent as a fax to the recipients you specify. 
    5. Tap the More icon to mark the fax as unread. 
Tap to view the fax
A bubble on Fax in the bottom menu indicates the number of unread faxes. Unread faxes in the Received list are shown as blue text. Faxes will show as Sending, Sent, Received, or Failed.
  1. Sign in to the Admin portal. If you’re signed in as an admin, select My Extension.  
  2. Go to Messages in the top menu. 
  3. Choose which faxes you want to view from the left panel:
    1. Inbox: Received voicemail messages and faxes
    2. Outbox: Faxes you’re sending that weren’t received or failed to send 
    3. Sent Items: Faxes you’ve sent 
    4. Deleted Items: Voicemail messages and faxes you’ve deleted
Go to Messages
  1. To manage your faxes:
    1. Click the page icon under Message to view the fax.
    2. Check the box to the left of the fax and select Mark Read, Mark Unread, Delete, or Block above the table.
    3. To restore a fax in Deleted Items, select Restore above the table. 
    4. Click More under Actions and select Download or Forward. If a fax failed to send, you can select Resend.
Select Mark Read, Mark Unread, Delete, or Block
Select Restore
Select Download or Forward
Before viewing faxes by email, make sure you’ve set up your email address to view them.
  1. Sign in to an email account that’s set up to view faxes.
  2. Open the email with New Fax Message from in the subject line.
Note: The body shows details such as who sent and received the fax, when it was received, and how many pages are included.
  1. Open the attached document. 
  1. Open the Phone desktop app. 
  2. Select the Messages icon in the top menu.
  3. Click Fax.
  4. Click on a fax to show options to: 
    • View
    • Save
    • Forward
    • Resend
    • Mark as Read/Unread
    • Block
    • Delete
Fax options
  1. Select the Fax details icon at the far right to see more:
    • Sender ID
    • Sender phone number and location
    • Recipient phone number
    • Fax status
    • Date and time
    • Title, department, and office of the sender (if they’re a user in your company)
All faxes you’ve sent and received appear under Fax. Unread faxes are shown as blue text. Fax status shows as Fax submitted, Fax sent, Fax received, or Fax failed.
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