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Updating the app desktop and web

Last updated on February 14, 2022

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Updates for the app for both desktop and web are rolled out to users automatically. These updates are usually released once a month. 
Each release has two parts: the desktop update and the web update. This is a technical separation, so the app for desktop will get both the desktop and web updates. 
Both updates are available to customers on the same day. Updates are usually rolled out in advance at around 12am to 1am PST. 

Desktop update

The desktop update will be pushed to the app but will not be applied before the app is restarted. When a new version is detected and downloaded to the local machine, the app will relaunch automatically to complete the upgrade flow when the system idles for five minutes. 
However, active calls or meetings register a leave blocker which will block the upgrade flow, meaning the app won’t close to update if there’s an active call or meeting. The update will wait until the system idles for five minutes with no active calls or meetings before the app is relaunched.
You can check whether a new update is available by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner and navigating to About > App version.
App version
The pop-up will show a new update if there is any and will suggest restarting the application.
Restart app
If a user closes and opens the app for some reason while the new desktop update is available already, it will be automatically applied.
Note: Auto updates for desktop relates to .exe and .pkg files only. This does not apply to .msi files. 

Web update

The web update is applied automatically, which means it will restart the app to apply the new update without any effort from you. It also tracks the user's activity, so the update will wait until there are no active calls, meetings, or note editing activities before restarting the app.
Note: The auto-update will not block leave for messaging. The app will save message drafts instead and will restart.
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