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Intro to users in the app 

Last updated on February 14, 2022

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The app has three different user types:
  • Administrators
  • Co-workers
  • Guest users
These users are found in the Contacts menu, accessed via the left-hand navigation bar. The Contacts menu displays a directory of all the users and teams in your company account.
You can use the Contacts menu to:
  • Start a call or meeting with another user
  • Message a user
  • View another user’s profile, which displays their availability (presence), status, and contact information 


Admins have the highest level of permissions within the app. When a user is given these permissions, they will have access to the Administration page via Settings, where they can add new admin users and configure their company account settings.
Users are assigned as an admin by other admin users. In order to be assigned as an admin, you must be a co-worker in the app — that is, you must be an employee of your company and not added as a guest user.
To learn more about admins and their permissions, visit Intro to administrators in the app


Co-workers are users whose email addresses are on your company’s private domain. These users have full access to the app, with the exception of admin-specific features. 
By default, co-workers can invite other co-workers and guest users. However, if you cannot invite other users, your admin may have disabled this permission on the account level. Please reach out to an account admin if you believe that you should have these permissions. 

Guest users

Guest users are users who do not work at your company or are users whose email addresses do not share your company’s private domain. 
You can communicate and collaborate with these users on the app as you would with other users, but their permissions on the app may be limited. 

Guest user capabilities and limitations

Guest users with a paid account

If a guest already has a paid account with the app, then they will have very few limitations. They can:
  • Start a chat,
  • Make or receive calls (as long as their account has phone features),
  • Start, join, or schedule meetings
These users will not, however, be able to view your company contacts.

Guest users with a free account

If a guest has a free account in the app, they will have far more limitations.
Guests with a free account can:
  • Chat
  • Create tasks
  • Upload files
  • View conversations to which they have been added 
  • Start or join a video call via the Start video call button in a team or direct message conversation
Guests with a free account cannot:
  • Add people to your company
  • Create teams for your company
  • Manage teams, including adding/removing users, creating folders, etc. 
  • Make or receive phone calls, including conference calls
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