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Navigating the mobile app 

Last updated on February 14, 2022

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There are several main navigation features you’ll need to know to get started on the mobile app using an iOS or Android device.

Top header bar

The top header bar contains features such as your profile menu, a search bar, settings, and a quick actions button, although this may depend on where you are in the app.  
For example, when you’re in the Message menu, the top header bar contains the following from left to right:
  • Your profile menu
  • A search bar for your messages or contact list
  • A plus icon, which acts as a shortcut to create a new message, invite contacts, and create a team conversation. On iPhone, this plus icon appears at top right
Top header bar

Profile menu

You’ll always have access to your profile menu no matter where you are in the mobile app. Here’s how to access the profile menu:
  • On iOS, tap your profile photo at top left to access the main menu. 
  • On Android, tap your profile photo at top left.
You’ll see the following options in the profile menu:
  • Profile: Includes your profile photo, name, email address, and other contact information like your phone number.
  • Presence: Located underneath your profile photo, this is your presence indicator. Tap on your presence indicator to manually set your presence from a list of options: Available, Do not disturb, or Invisible. Two other options are set automatically: On a call and In a meeting.
Profile and presence
  • Share status: Select a status or create a custom status to share with others.
  • Accept queue calls: Available to admins and users who are members of a call queue. Tap the Accept queue calls toggle to enable or disable this option.
  • Analytics: Only available to admins and users who have Analytics permissions. Tap Analytics to navigate to the analytics portal for mobile.
  • Admin tools: Only available to admins, tap Admin tools to view your company call logs, billing, phone system, and call queue management.
  • Settings: Navigate to and configure settings for Message, Video, Phone, and Contacts and calendars.
  • Reset password: Reset your password. A confirmation message to log out will appear once tapped.
  • Sign out: Sign out of the app.

Bottom menu bar

Your main navigation in the mobile app is located at the bottom of the app, called the bottom menu bar. You can fully customize what appears in this menu bar via the Customize tabs option. 

You can navigate between the following features in the bottom menu bar:
  • Message: Send and receive messages, create and collaborate with teams, share files, create tasks.
  • Video: Start, schedule, and join meetings, manage recordings, view recent meetings.
  • Phone: Make and receive phone calls, manage your call history, and listen to your voicemails.
  • Team events: View a calendar of team events and tasks from all your active conversations.
  • Tasks: Create, view, and manage your tasks from all your active conversations.
  • Contacts: Add, view, and manage all your company contacts, including administrators, company users, and guest users. You can also create, view, and manage teams via this interface.
  • Park Locations: Allows a user to put a call on hold on a Park Location and continue the conversation from another device.
  • Fax: View and send fax messages.
Bottom menu bar
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