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Navigate the Apps interface in the app for desktop and web

Last updated on February 14, 2022
As we discussed in Intro to app integrations, the Apps interface allows you to add notification apps to receive updates from third-party services without having to leave the app.

Navigating the Apps interface

You can access the Apps menu by clicking the puzzle piece icon via the left-hand navigation bar. The app integrations interface is divided into two sections: the left pane, which contains your main navigation tabs, and the right pane, which contains either the app store or the apps you are subscribed to.

Left pane

The left pane in the Apps interface contains the Apps section, which provides the following main navigation tabs:
  • Discover apps: Select this tab to open the app store, which contains the supported third-party services available for integration
  • My apps: Select this tab to view a list of all the apps that you have integrated with the Vodafone Business app
When you select either Discover apps or My apps on the left pane, a list of apps is shown on the right pane. Let's review below what you can see on the right pane when you click the main navigation tabs.

Right pane

When you click on the Discover apps tab on the left pane, you will see a list of all available apps in the app store that you can access on the right pane.
When you hover your mouse over an app tile, you can view what type of notifications you will receive when you integrate the app into the Vodafone Business app. Additionally, you can also click Learn more to open the App Gallery to find out more info about the app and the Add button to set up the app integration. To learn more about adding an app, visit Setting up app integrations in the app.
View of the Discover apps in Apps interface
The My apps tab on the left pane will show you a list of apps you are subscribed to on the right pane.
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