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Configuring message settings in the app desktop and web

Last updated on January 26, 2022

Table of contents

The Message settings in the desktop or web app is divided into two sections: Conversation list and Message thread.
View of message settings
To access your Message settings in the desktop and web app, click the Settings gear icon at the bottom left corner of the app, then click Message in the left pane.

Configuring conversation list settings

In the Conversation list section, you can change the number of conversations that appear in each section (direct, groups, and teams) of the left pane. You can also change which types of conversations show unread badge counts.
  • Max conversations: Use the the dropdown menu to select the maximum number of read conversations the app will display in your conversation list (unreads will always display). This setting will only apply to Teams and Direct message sections.
View of Message settings
  • New message badge count: Use the dropdown menu to choose which conversation types will display an unread badge counter. You can display an unread badge counter for the following:
    • All new messages: If you select this option, a number badge will appear next to the contact name, team, or group name.
    • Direct message and mentions only. If you select this option, a number badge will appear next to the contact name that you have messaged directly or on the group or team where someone has @mentioned you. The number badge will not appear for other unread messages under groups or teams. The group or team names will be bolded instead if you have unread messages from them.
View of Message settings

Configuring message thread settings

In the Message thread section, you can configure Show link previews to toggle viewing link previews in a message.

Configuring Message settings for mobile

You can configure your Message settings in the mobile app. The Message section in your app settings lets you choose whether you want to preview links in a message thread or display flags for external guests. 

You can access the Message settings in the mobile app by tapping the menu icon at top left and tapping the Settings gear icon. Scroll through the page to find the the Message section and the following settings:
  • Show link previews: Toggle on to enable preview of the page each time a link is sent in a message thread.
  • Display flags for external guests: Toggle on to show hints and visual cues in conversations with guests outside your company.
  • Hardware keyboard shortcuts (iOS only): Select your preferred shortcut for sending a message or inserting a new line of text when pressing enter using an external keyboard.
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