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Viewing conversation details in the app desktop and web

Last updated on February 14, 2022

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The details for each conversation you’re a part of can be found in the pane on the right-hand side of the app. In the conversation detail’s pane, you’ll find information on the members included in that conversation (under the Members section), including the number of members added to that conversation. 
In addition, you can also locate specific information included in a conversation via the tabs you can navigate between in the conversation details panel at far right. 

Viewing a conversation’s members

As stated above, members of a conversation can be found under either the Members section or the Guests section. The Guests section contains members of the app that have been invited as guests to your account — that is, users not a part of your company.  
Members and guests section
Members appear as their profile pictures in this section. If you’d like to learn more about a member of that conversation, you can simply select their profile picture to reveal their name, their status, their job title, email address, and buttons with associated actions you can take with that member. These actions may include the following:
For groups and teams, you can view the full list of members included in that conversation by selecting the Members (x) text at the top of the section.

Viewing the conversation detail tabs

Beneath the Guests section (or if no guests have been added, the Members section), you’ll find a section with the following tabs you can navigate between to find specific information included in that conversation:
  • Pinned: This tab includes a list of all conversations that have been pinned by you or another person in that conversation.
  • Files: This tab includes a list of all files that have been attached in that conversation 
  • Images: This tab includes a list of all images attached to that conversation.
  • Tasks: This tab includes a list of all tasks that have been created in that conversation (Including both active and completed tasks). Completed tasks are marked with a strikethrough and a checked box.
  • Links: This tab includes a list of all links that have been shared in that conversation.
  • Notes: This tab includes a list of all notes that have been created in that conversation.
  • Events: This tab includes a list of events that have been created in that conversation. This list will only include events that haven’t occurred yet.
  • Apps: This tab includes a list of integrations that have been added in that conversation.
In order to locate some of the tabs listed above, you may need to select the More icon at far right of the tabs to reveal a dropdown containing more options to select from.
While under any of these tabs, you can hover over any of the items in the list to reveal actions associated with that item (if any exist). For example, under the Files tab, hover your mouse over an attached file to download, share, rename, or view that file in the message thread. You may find some of these actions by clicking the More icon that appears at far right of the item. 
View of tabs in the conversation details section


Hiding the conversation details pane

If you’d like to hide the conversation details pane, you can do so at any time by clicking the right-pointing arrow in the upper right corner of the pane to collapse it. If you’d like to reveal the conversation details panel again, simply select that same arrow (now shows as left-pointing) to bring it back. 
How to show or hide conversation details
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