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Getting desktop notifications for a parked call in the app desktop and web

Last updated on February 14, 2022
You can get desktop notifications when a call is parked to one of your private park location groups. To enable this, ensure that the HUD feature is enabled and that the park location is added to your HUD in the app. 
A private park location group is added to your HUD in the app after an admin adds you as a member and you add it to your presence in the online account. If you’re not seeing the park location, log out and log in again to the app or add the park location in your HUD.
If you're an admin and would like to add a park location group in the online account, visit Park Location Feature Overview. To learn more about setting up your presence, visit Set Up Presence Appearance on the Online Account.
Once the above information is set up, you’ll receive desktop notifications when someone parks a call in your park location group. If you don’t want to receive desktop notifications, you can delete the park location in the app.
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