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Configuring notifications and sounds in the app desktop and web 

Last updated on February 14, 2022

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In the app, you can configure your notification preferences and the sounds you’ll hear when you receive a new message, call, or video meeting. 
To access your notification and sound preferences, navigate to Settings > Notifications and sounds
The settings you customize in the desktop and web app will also apply to your mobile app. To learn more, visit Configuring notifications and sounds in the mobile app.
Notifcation and Sounds settings page
Note: The Flash app icon is the feature term on the desktop app for Windows. Alternatively, the same feature is called the Bounce app icon in the desktop app for Mac.

Desktop notifications

  • New messages: Determine the types of messages of which you’d like to receive notifications. Options include:
    • All new messages: Receive notifications for all new messages.
    • Direct messages and mentions: Receive notifications for direct messages and @mentions only.
    • Off: Don’t receive any notifications.
  • Incoming calls: Receive notifications for incoming calls.
  • Missed calls and new voicemails: Receive notifications for missed calls and new voicemails.
  • Flash app icon: Flash the app icon when receiving a notification.
  • Always show notifications when the app is in the foreground: Receive notifications even when the app is in the foreground and in use. The default setting is off.
Desktop notifications
You can also configure your notification preferences for specific direct, group, or team messages. Visit Setting message notification preferences in the app desktop and web to learn more.
Note: If you're using the app on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, desktop notifications are handled by the browser and need to be enabled both in the app and in your browser settings. If you have notifications turned off in your web browser, you’ll need to go to your browser’s settings and either allow any site to show desktop notifications or allow sites to ask for permission to show notifications.

Notification sounds

Use the Sounds section to choose the sound for each type of message, video meeting, or call that you receive. 
Select a notification sound for each communication type by clicking on the dropdown at far right. You can also click on the speaker icon beside each sound option to preview it.
Sound notifications
Select a notification sound for each of the following notification types:
  • Direct messages
  • Mentions
  • Team messages
  • Incoming voice calls
  • Incoming video calls

Email notifications

In the Email notifications section, configure how frequently you would like to receive email notifications for these message types:
  • Direct Messages: Change how often you receive email notifications. Options include Every 15 minutes, Every hour, or Off
  • Mentions: Enable email notifications when someone @mentions you. These notifications will not include @team mentions
  • Teams: Change how often you receive email notifications for teams that aren’t muted. Options include Every 15 minutesEvery hour, or Off
Email notifications

Audio sources

  • Microphone source: The source of your audio input (e.g., your microphone, default computer microphone, etc.). Choose either Use system default, External Microphone (Built-in), or your other connected Bluetooth/wired headsets
  • Speaker source: The source of your audio output (e.g., your headphones, computer speakers, etc.) You can choose Use system default, Headphones (Built-in), or your other connected Bluetooth/wired headsets
  • Ringer source: Audio source you want to hear the audio for an incoming call. Select from the following:
    • Use system default
    • Headphones (Built-in)
    • All audio sources
    • Off
  • Volume control: Adjust the master output volume of the app. Note: This slider operates independently from your OS audio settings
Audio notifications

Headset support

  • Headset controls: Enable call controls on your Plantronics or Jabra headsets. If this is enabled, the following appear:
    • Plantronics Hub
    • Jabra
Headset settings
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