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Managing your camera for Video meetings

Last updated on February 01, 2022
You can use your built-in camera or a third-party camera and select which camera you’re using before and during a Video meeting. 
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Selecting cameras before a meeting

  1. Within the app, go to Settings in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click Video in the left pane.
  3. Click the Edit button at the far right of Video meeting settings.
RingCentral Video settings
  1. In the Settings window, click Video.
  2. Choose your preferred camera from the dropdown menu under the video preview.
  3. Click the red box in the upper left corner to close and save your settings.

Selecting your camera during a meeting

  1. In a meeting, click the up-arrow next to the Start/stop video icon in the bottom menu bar.
  2. Select your preferred camera from the list.
Click the up-arrow icon beside the Start/stop video icon
  1. Click Start video
Note: To test your video before starting it, click More > Settings, then Video in the left pane to see a preview. Once you’re done testing, close the window.

Trouble selecting your third-party camera?

  • Make sure your camera is plugged in and that any built-in privacy covers are removed.
  • Make sure you select the right camera from Video settings.  
  • If you don’t see the camera listed or if it’s grayed out, check if the camera requires an update or is currently being used by another application, such as Skype. If this is the case:
    1. Leave the meeting.
    2. Turn off your camera in the other application or close the application entirely.
    3. Join the meeting again.
    4. If the camera still doesn’t appear, test the camera in another application. 
  • Try joining the meeting using a web browser in privacy/incognito mode.

Flipping your camera during a meeting

You can flip your front and rear camera while in a Video meeting.
Tap the camera icon on the top right of your self-view tile.
  • Active speaker view: The tile displays on the bottom left. You can move the tile around your screen.
Flip front and rear camera in Active speaker view
  • Gallery view: The tile displays as the first tile in the list.
Flip front and rear camera in Gallery view
  • Filmstrip view: The tile displays in the bottom left corner.
Flip front and rear camera in Filmstrip view
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