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Using Closed Captions in Video desktop and web

Last updated on February 14, 2022

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Video Closed Captions are designed to help participants with hearing impairment, different levels of language proficiency, or for those joining a meeting with a lot of background noise. To get the best quality from Closed Captions:
  • Use a headset microphone,
  • Pronounce your words as clearly, and 
  • Speak slowly and evenly.

Enabling Closed Captions

  1. Click the More icon from within the meeting window.
  2. Select Enable closed captions.
Tap Enable closed captions
Once enabled, the conversation will initially display at the bottom of the meeting. You can then pin or unpin the closed caption text box. All text will appear next to the speaker’s name. The text will disappear from the screen shortly after another person speaks.
View of enabled closed captions

Changing caption font size

  1. Hover over the closed caption text box
  2. Click Font size.
Change caption font size
  1. Select the font size you want to use.

Pinning/unpinning the closed caption text box

You can pin/unpin the text box by hovering over the closed caption text box, and then click Unpin/Pin. When the text box is unpinned, you can resize the closed caption text box accordingly and drag it to different parts of the screen.
Pin caption text

Disabling Closed Captions

  1. Click the More icon from within the meeting window.
  2. Select Disable closed captions.
Disable closed captions
Note: Automated closed captioning using Vodafone Business with RingCentral proprietary speech recognition technology is currently only optimized for American English. 
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