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Scheduling a Video meeting via Google calendar 

Last updated on October 23, 2021

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You can schedule a Video across several different platforms, including the app, your Google calendar, and your Outlook calendar. For this article, we’ll discuss how you can schedule a meeting in your Google calendar.

Scheduling a meeting via Google calendar

  1. Open your Google calendar.
  2. Click Create in the upper left corner of the web page.
Click create
  1. Enter the title of your meeting and the timeframe of the meeting.
  2. On the Add guests field under Guests, enter the names or email address(es) of the participant(s) you’d like to invite and select their name(s) from the list.
  3. Select More options.
Click more options
  1. Click Add RingCentral Video meeting.
Add RingCentral meeting type
  1. Configure the meeting settings as desired.
  2. Select Done to automatically generate the meeting URL and the meeting details in the email body.
  3. Click Save to schedule the meeting.

Configuring Video settings

You’ll find the following Video settings when scheduling your meeting.
  • Use personal meeting ID: Use your Personal Meeting ID for others to use to join the meeting instead of the meeting link.
  • Mute audio for participants: Immediately mute participants when they enter the meeting. Keep in mind that participants can still unmute their audio at any point during the meeting.
  • Turn off camera for participants: Immediately turn off the camera for participants when they enter the meeting. Keep in mind that they can still turn their camera on at any point during the meeting
  • Require password: Require a password to enter the meeting.
  • Set password: If you checked the Require password box, provide an alphanumeric password in this field or use the default option.
  • Allow participants to join before host: Allows participants to join the meeting before the host
  • Only authenticated users can join: Allow only authenticated users to join your meeting. Options include Sign in users, Signed in co-workers.
  • Only host & moderators can share screen: Allow only the host and moderators to share their screen during the meeting.
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