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Configuring Video settings on app desktop and web

Last updated on February 14, 2022
You can configure settings related to the Video feature in the app. These include the settings of your video service.
Note: To access your Video settings, select the Settings gear icon at the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar. From there, click the Video tab in the left pane.
RingCentral Video settings

Configuring General settings

  • Video Meeting settings: Select the Edit button to open the Video settings. Note: You can only configure this setting in the desktop app and Video web. To learn more, see Configuring in-meeting Video settings on desktop and web.
  • Personal Meeting ID: Select the Edit button to open your Personal Meeting ID settings. 
  • Display Share in Room option: Move the slider to the right to enable this feature. This feature allows screen sharing in meeting rooms with compatible Room systems.
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) while screen sharing: Move the slider to the right to enable this feature. When you are screen sharing or in presentation mode, your presence will show as Do Not Disturb across your devices and notifications will be silenced. When you stop sharing or presenting, your status returns to its previous state. To learn more, see Do Not Disturb while screen sharing.

Configuring Personal meeting settings

Personal meeting settings allow you to manage your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) and related settings. A Personal Meeting ID is a specific meeting ID you can use for all your meetings. Using this ID helps participants associate the meeting to your name, which can be helpful when you meet with the same people frequently.
PMID window
  • Personal Meeting ID: Customize your Personal Meeting ID. This ID should be 9 digits.
  • Use Personal Meeting ID for instant meetings: Enable your Personal Meeting ID number to start your meetings through the video tab instead of using new and random meeting IDs. Customize your Personal Meeting ID in the field at the top of the window.
  • Require password: Require a password entry before any participants can join your meeting. When this setting is enabled, a Set password box will appear to enter the password for your meetings. Note: You can only set alphanumeric combinations as the password.
  • Participants can only join after host: Once enabled, participants need to wait for the meeting host before joining the meeting. To learn more, visit Allowing others to join before host in a Video meeting in the app desktop and web.
  • Enable waiting room/Open waiting room: Allows the meeting host to control when a participant can join the meeting.
  • Only authenticated users can join: Only authenticated users can join your meeting. Options include Off, Signed in co-workers, and Signed in users.
  • Turn off camera for participants: Turn the camera off for all participants when they join your meeting.
  • Mute audio for participants: Mute participants when they join your meeting.
  • Select dial-in numbers: Select the dial-in countries.
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