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Navigating the app desktop and web

Last updated on October 21, 2021

Table of contents

The desktop and web app is divided into several sections: the top header bar, the left navigation bar, the left pane, and the center pane. 
Some of the information contained in each of these sections may change depending on which part of the app you are in, but there are two sections that stay the same no matter where you are: the left-hand navigation bar and the top header bar.

Left-hand navigation bar

Depending on your permissions, you can navigate between the following features in the left-hand navigation bar:
  • Message: Send and receive messages, create and collaborate in teams, share files, and create tasks.
  • Video: Start, schedule, and join meetings, manage recordings, and view upcoming meetings.
  • Phone: Make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, manage your call history, and listen to your voicemails.
  • Contacts: Add, view, and manage app users, including administrators, co-workers, and guest users. You can also create, view, and manage teams. Note: You can connect your Google personal contacts and connect your Office 365 account here. 
  • More: Where your hidden tabs are located:
    • Workspace: Add, view, and manage your tasks, events, files, and notes.
    • Analytics: Only available as an administrator. Select the bar graph icon to navigate to the analytics portal.
  • Apps: Integrate third-party apps from the Vodafone Business UC App Gallery to receive custom notifications and alerts.
  • Settings: Configure your app settings, including settings for notification and sounds, Message, Video, and Phone. You can also sync your calendar and view the app’s available keyboard shortcuts.
  • Resource Center: Easily access quick tips and feature announcements.
Side bar menu on RingCentral app glip

Top header bar

The top header is always available at the top of the app and contains (from left to right):
  • Your company name
  • Back and forward arrows to navigate to the page you visited previously
  • A search bar to search for messages, users, groups, and teams in your company
  • A dial pad to call colleagues or external numbers. Note: You must have telephony enabled on your account for this feature.
  • New actions button to perform quick actions (depending on your permissions):
  • Your profile menu. Click this to reveal the following option:
    • Profile: Select View profile to open your profile and make changes to your information and profile picture.
    • Status: Select Share status to create a status to share with others and Clear status to clear your current status.
    • Presence: Set your app presence by hovering over your current status and selecting from a list of options from a dropdown menu. Options include Available, Do not disturb, and Invisible.
    • Accept queue calls: Available to admins and users that are part of a call queue, click the Accept queue calls toggle to enable or disable this option.
    • About: Select the About button to learn more about which version of the app you’re running and the app security, privacy notice, terms of service, and acceptable use policy.
    • Manage account: Only available to admins. This opens the online account, so you can manage your settings.
    • Get Support: Click the Get support option to report an issue, share an idea, or access support content.
    • Sign out: Select Sign out to log out of the app.
Top header bar on RingCentral app glip

Left pane

No matter where you are in the app, you’ll find a left pane that allows you to navigate through the main parts of a particular menu option. However, the contents of this pane will differ depending on which menu option you’re using. 
For example, in Message, this left pane contains a list of all direct messages, groups, and teams you have open. 

Quick creation

An essential feature of the left pane is the quick creation plus button. Clicking this button will create an item associated with that section.

For example, if you’re in the Video menu, you can start a new meeting by hovering your mouse over the Meetings section name in the left pane and selecting the Start a video meeting plus button that appears at the far right.
Quick create button

Center pane

Finally, each page in the app has a center pane, where you will spend most of your time interacting within the app. The center pane will differ depending on where you are within the app. 

For example, in Message, the center pane is your message thread containing the history of a particular conversation. In Video, if you’re on the Meetings page, this page will contain a list of scheduled meetings for the day as well as action buttons to start, schedule, or join a meeting.
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