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Creating a new team in the app desktop and web

Last updated on February 14, 2022

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A team is a conversation held between a group of people. They can be used to communicate with a group of people, from connecting with co-workers in your department to collaborating on a project with others in your company. 
Teams can be created by any app user, and the person who creates a team automatically becomes that team’s admin. 
There are several methods for creating a team, including the following:
  • By clicking on the New actions plus button and selecting Create team from the dropdown menu
  • By hovering your mouse over the Teams section in your conversation list and clicking on the Create team plus button that appears at far right
  • By converting a group into a team. To learn more, visit Converting a group to a team in the app
For the purpose of this article, however, let’s review how to create a team via the New actions plus button.

Creating a team

  1. Click the New actions plus button located at far right in the top bar.
New actions button
  1. Select Create team from the dropdown menu.
  2. Provide a name for your team in the Team name field.
  3. Enter a list of names or email addresses in the Members field.
  4. Provide a description in the Team description field (optional).
  5. Choose either Private or Public from the Type of team dropdown (more on that below).
  6. Toggle on or off each of the permissions at the bottom of the window (we’ll review each of these permissions below).
  7. Click Create to finish creating the team.
Once you’ve created your team, that team will appear under the Teams section in your conversation list. The number of teams that appear in your conversation list will depend on how you’ve configured your Message settings. To learn more, visit Configuring message settings in the app desktop and web.
Note: If you added a non-app user to a team by adding their email address to the Members field, that will send an invite to the email address you provided asking the person to set up an account with the app.

Configuring your team settings

Now that we’ve discussed how to create a team, let’s review each of the settings you’ll find while creating a team. 
  • Team Name: Provide the name of your team in this field.
  • Members: The list of people you’d like to add to the team. Type in the name of a user and select their name from a dropdown list or enter an email address in this field.
  • Team description: The description of your team.
  • Type of team: Click on the dropdown menu and choose from the following options:
    • Private: Choose this option if you want this team to be private. App users will need to be invited to a private team, and they will be unable to search for this team if they have not been invited.
    • Public: Choose this option if you want the team to be public, meaning anyone can join without an invitation and anyone can find it via search or the Contacts menu.
  • Allow members to add other members: Toggle this on if you’d like to allow non-admin members of the team to invite members. This setting is only available for private teams.
  • Allow members to post messages: Toggle this setting off if you’d like to make this team read-only, meaning any non-admins will be unable to post in this team.
  • Allow members to @team mention: Toggle this setting on if you’d like to allow non-admins to use the @team mention in a message. To learn more about @mentions, visit Using @mentions in the app desktop and web.
  • Allow members to pin post: Toggle this setting on if you’d like to allow non-admins to pin posts in the conversation. To learn more about pinning a message, visit Managing your messages in the app desktop and web.
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