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Intro to teams in the app

Last updated on February 14, 2022
Teams in the app are a conversation held between a group of users. They can be used to communicate and collaborate with others, from connecting with co-workers in your department to collaborating on a project with others in your company. 
Unlike groups, teams are created and managed by a few designated users, also known as team admins. Team admins can:
  • give the team a unique name, 
  • invite other members, and 
  • limit some or all of the permissions of a team’s members, including whether they can add members, post messages, and more.
Team admins can also set a team to either public or private. If a team is private, you must be invited to the team in order to join, while a public team means you can join without an invite. 
When you create a new team or join an existing one, that team will be added to the Teams section in your conversation list. You can also find and manage all teams added to your company’s account (i.e., teams you’ve joined, public teams, and archived teams) via the Contacts menu in the side menu bar. To learn more, visit Managing your account’s teams in the app desktop and web.
If a member leaves a team, all their chat history will remain behind. Additionally, if you archive a team and then restore it later, that team’s conversation history will also be restored.
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