Understanding call controls in mobile app

Last updated on February 14, 2022
When you’re in a live call, you’ll have access to several different call control options that you can use to manage your call. These options include functions such as muting your call, putting your call on hold, transferring your call, and more. 
Let’s review all of your call control options below.

Understanding call controls

In a live call, you’ll see the name and number of the person you’re on a call with on the call screen. Below that, you’ll find the following settings to manage your calls:
  • Mute: Tap this button to mute your call. Select Unmute when you’re ready to continue speaking with the caller
  • Keypad: If you need to provide any additional numerical input, you can select this button to open the keypad. Press the keys on the pad to provide your input
  • Speaker: Press this button to enable or disable loudspeaker
  • Add: Selecting this button allows you to call another person while on a live call. You can use this button to start a conference call with two or more people. To learn more, visit Starting a conference call in the mobile app
  • Video: Select this button to switch from a voice call to a Video meeting or screen share. To learn more, visit Using Call to Video in the mobile app
  • Call actions: Select this button to reveal a dropdown menu with the following additional call control options:
    • Hold: Press this button to put the call on hold. Once you place a call on hold, you will not hear them, and they will not hear you
    • Transfer: Select this to transfer the call to another person or number. Visit Transferring a call in the mobile app to learn more
    • Switch to carrier: Select this to switch between a VoIP Call to mobile carrier to eliminate any call drop. When you walk out of the office in a WiFi VoIP call, this option allows you to continue the call as a 3G/4G VoIP call
    • Record: Select this option to begin recording the call. An audio file will play to both you and the caller, indicating that the call is being recorded. A red Rec indicator will appear above the contact’s image. Select Stop recording when you’re ready to stop the recording
    • Park: Select this option to park the call to a different location. This will place the caller on hold until their call is picked up at the parked location. Note that when there are parked calls waiting for pickup, you can get notified via a banner notification in the main screen of your mobile device to give you a heads up that there is a parked call. You can toggle this alert on or off in the park location screen. To learn more, visit Parking and retrieving a call in the app
    • Flip: Use this option to flip your call to a different number
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