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Video Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on February 14, 2022
  1. 1. What is Video?
Video is a video meeting and collaboration platform built from the ground up by RingCentral to address today’s dynamic workforce's changing behaviors. Video is tightly integrated into our market-leading application and allows users to join meetings instantly, share their screens, and get work done faster.
  1. 2. What are the current capabilities of Video? What are the critical milestones for next year?
At the time of launch, Video offers a rich set of meeting capabilities, including:
  • Scheduling, hosting, and joining meetings.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and GSuite providing a single view for all your meetings.
  • Integration with productivity apps offered by Google and Microsoft, including Outlook. For a full list of integrations, visit this page.
  • Upcoming integration between Video into Salesforce.com and Microsoft Teams.
  1. 3. Who is Video available to?
Video is available globally to customers looking for a rich web-based/webRTC platform that removes all friction when hosting or joining a meeting.
  1. 4. Which platforms does Video support?
Video is available on these operating systems: Windows 8.1 and up, Mac OS X 10.7 and up, iOS 10.0 and up, and Android 7.0 and up. For browsers, Video currently supports Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Additional browser support is on the roadmap.
  1. 5. What is the maximum quality of webcam video received?
1280x720 at 24 frames per second (fps) for 1:1 and multi-participant meetings.
  1. 6. What is the maximum quality for screen sharing on the receiver's end?
Up to 1920x1080 at 30 fps
  1. 7. Can I request control from the presenter?
Remote control of the presenter’s mouse and keyboard is planned for 2022 Q1.
  1. 8. How can I access the recorded meetings?
Users must be authorized by the meeting Host to access the recording.
  1. 9. As a Host, how do I share my meeting's recording?
To share a recording
  • Sign in to Video
  • Click Recordings
  • Select “My Recordings”
  • Find a recording you want to share
  • Click the Share button to choose with whom within your company to share the recording
You can also download the recording as an *.mp4 file to email or share through any other app.
OR sign in to the Vodafone Business UC app
  • Sign in to Video
  • Select the Video tab
  • Select RECORDINGS->My recordings
  • Click on the recording you want to share
  • Click the Share button to choose with whom within your company to share the recording.
  • You can also download the recording as an *.mp4 file to email or share through any other app.
  1. 10. Is there a time limit for meetings that I host?
Video meetings automatically end after 24 hours.
  1. 11. How many simultaneous meetings can I attend? 
You can run one meeting on your desktop and one on a mobile device simultaneously.
  1. 12. How do Video Closed Captions work?
Spoken words are processed by Vodafone Business UC’s cognitive speech recognition platform and rendered as text. The text disappears from the screen shortly after another person speaks.
  1. 13. Can I use Closed Captions if I’m a non-English language speaker?
Video Closed Captions currently does not support non-English speakers and does not recognize when a non-English language is spoken. However, support for more languages is planned in the future.
  1. 14. Does the Closed Caption feature support any languages in addition to English?
Not yet, but more languages are coming soon!
15. How can I have the best quality Closed Captions?
  • Use a headset microphone
  • Pronounce words clearly
  • Speak slowly and evenly
  1. 16. Which English-speaking accents are supported by the Video Closed Captions feature? 
Currently, the Video Closed Captions feature is highly optimized for American English. Support for more English accents is coming soon.
17. How many participants can I host in a Video meeting for each Vodafone Business UC plan service tier?
  • Entry: N/A
  • Standard: 100
  • Premium: 200
  1. 18. Are plugins required to use Video?
There are no software downloads required for Video. This enables Video’s "One-click" meeting experience. Video is available today with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser using WebRTC. Different browsers will be supported in the future. There are many advantages for WebRTC, including performance and security.  
  1. 19. Is Video GDPR (General Data Protection Rule) compliant?
Vodafone Business UC offers customers a robust Data Processing Addendum (DPA) governing the relationship between the customer and Vodafone Business UC. Our DPA contains firm privacy commitments that few software companies can match and is regularly updated to confirm our compliance with the GDPR.
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