Adoption & Usage: Active Users widget on the Overview dashboard

Last updated on February 14, 2022
As you enable your organization and various units within it to use Vodafone Business UC, one key metric to track is the number of users who are actively using these products. The Active Users widget enables you to understand this information. 

The Active Users widget gives you data on active users at two levels:
  • Across your entire organization: Provides a breakdown of active users on Message, Video, and Phone within the selected time frame.
  • Across your organizational units such as departments and sites (if you are using the multi-site feature)
    • By Department: Provides a list of top 10 departments with most active users. It also presents a breakdown of active users on Message and Phone.
    • By Site: If you are using the multi-site capability, you can view the top 10 departments with the most active users.
Active users table.
This widget default sorts in ascending order, but you can choose to sort active users in descending order to see the least active department by each product using the arrows at the top of each column.

Using the Active Users data

The Active Users widget is your first key insight into the adoption levels within your organization. Ideally, you want to see 100% of your enabled users using the products that you have given them access to, which you can view by looking at the company total for active users. If you see that the usage is less than expected, one or more of the following may be happening:
  • Certain sections of your organization are having difficulty accessing or using the product and need training.
  • Enabled user base within your account does not reflect your current set of employees and needs to be cleaned up.
  • Some events triggered recently have affected the usage.
To check whether a specific part of your organization is underutilizing Vodafone Business UC products, you can use By Department or By Site to further understand the departments that have adopted Vodafone Business UC optimally and the ones that need your focus. 
The most active departments have users who have better realized the value of the product and can be useful in establishing and educating the rest of your organization on best practices. The departments or sites that are underutilizing the products may need training in accessing or using the product and features in the best possible way as it applies to their roles.

To determine if any recent event triggered a drop in usage, you can use calendar widget presets to go back in time and understand the change in active users. You can also study the trend of active users at a more granular level on the Active User Trend graph.
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