Intro to the Meetings report 

Last updated on February 14, 2022
In the Quality of Service (QoS) report, the Meetings tab includes detailed quality information for Video meetings for the past six months. This tab is available for accounts using Video. Click on any entry in the table to see details of each meeting.
QoS Meetings page.

Meetings dashboard components

The Quality of Service page is identified in the top left corner. In the top navigation bar are the tabs available under Quality of Service. Choose any of the other tabs when you want to exit Meetings and review data offered on these other pages. 
QoS Meetings tab location.


The filters section is located beneath the top navigation bar. It allows you to customize your report to only include specific data. Use the drop down menus in each to select for:
  • Search Meeting ID / Topic / Name: Enter any attendee name, Meeting ID, or meeting topic name.
  • Date Range: Select either a preset range or choose a range going back as far as six months.
  • Locations: Use checkboxes to select any number of locations to be included in the report.
  • Endpoints: Checkboxes let you choose one or more endpoints to be included in the report.
  • Network Types: Checkboxes let you choose one or more network types to be included in the report.
  • ISPs: Use checkboxes to select any number of ISPs to be included in the report.
Filtering the Meetings report.

Meetings table

Meetings table detail.
This dashboard shows data in table form, with details for each meeting:
  • Meeting ID: Topic or Meeting number that was used to join.
  • Participants: Total number of participants.
  • Sessions: Total number of times participants joined the meeting.
  • Host: Name of the user who created the Meeting.
  • Length: Duration between first user joining and last user to leave.
  • Start Time: Time when the first participant joined.
  • End Time: Time when the last participant left.
  • Activities: Actions taken by participants during the meeting: 
Whether recording was enabled.
Recording icon
Whether at least one participant enabled audio.
Microphone icon
Whether at least one participant enabled video.
Video icon
Whether any participants shared their screen.
Screen share icon
Clicking the down arrow on the far left of a table entry expands it to show a call card with complete meeting details, including:
  • Participant names, connection time, endpoints used, features enabled
  • Packet loss, jitter, and other quality indicators
  • Details of networks used
All details shown in the call card can be copied to the clipboard. 
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