Rooms & Devices: Intro to the Overview dashboard
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Last updated on September 01, 2021
In the Rooms & Devices report, the first tab you see is the Overview dashboard. This page provides IT admins with visibility into the current state of RingCentral Rooms and hard-phones globally. It’s also the entry point for IT admins to spot disruptions and perform further investigation.
R and D Overview dashboard.
Data refreshes every fifteen minutes. The reported time zone is the current user’s time zone according to their RingCentral settings.

Overview dashboard components

The Rooms & Devices page is identified in the top left corner. In the top navigation bar are the tabs available under Rooms & Devices. Choose any of the other tabs when you want to exit the Overview and review data offered on these other pages.
R and D Overview tab location.


  • Current Snapshot: Shows the status of rooms and hard-phones broken down by online and offline.
  • Geo Location Map: Provides a bird’s eye view of all locations with at least one offline RingCentral Room or device over the last 15 minutes.
  • Locations with Problematic Rooms and Devices: Lists all locations that had at least a single instance of a room or device that went offline over the past 72 hours.
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