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Adding a new user to the app desktop and web

Last updated on February 14, 2022
If you’re an admin on your company account or a user given the proper permissions, you can add an unlimited number of users to the app at any time. 
There are three types of users in the app:
  • Admins
  • Co-workers
  • Guest users
Note: Only other admins can add admins in the app.
If you can’t invite a new user, this permission could be disabled for you. Reach out to your company admin to request access to this feature. 
There are multiple ways that you can add a new user to your company account, including:
  • By selecting Invite to Vodafone Business with RingCentral when you click on the New actions plus button at top right
Invite to RingCentral
  • By selecting the Create new contact person icon via the Contacts menu in the left-hand navigation bar
Create new contact in RCapp
  • By sending a new message to a person outside of the app
Invite by message in RC app
  • By inviting a person outside of the app to a team or group
Invite to team in RC app

Helpful hint!

If you prefer not to enter email addresses individually and your company uses a private email domain, you can advise your co-workers to go to app.vodafonebusiness.ringcentral.com and sign up with their work email address. As long as this has been enabled by your company account administrators, these people will automatically be added to your company's account on the app.

Inviting new users

  1. Select the New actions plus button at top right.
  2. Select the Invite to Vodafone Business with RingCentral option to invite by email.
Invite to RingCentral
  1. Enter a semicolon- or comma-separated list of email addresses (max is 20 emails).
  2. Select Invite to send an email invitation to each email address.
Invite by email
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