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How do I fix flickering during screen share in Video?

Last updated on September 28, 2021

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When presenters on Windows 10 are screen sharing in Video from the app, viewers on any platform (Windows, Mac, iOS/Android) will sometimes see the shared screen flickering.

Affected Environment

Video in the app


  • Stop current screen sharing.
  • Enable Use alternative screen-sharing mode to resolve display issues from the in-meeting settings.
To resolve display issues during screen sharing, like flickering, enable the alternative screen sharing mode from the Video in-meeting settings.
  1. While in a meeting, click More from the bottom menu bar.
  2. Select General from the left panel.
  3. Under Advanced, tick the checkbox for Use alternative screen sharing mode to resolve display issues.
View of the RingCentral app's General Settings screen
Note: When Use alternative screen sharing mode to resolve display issues is enabled, viewers will see a small rectangle with Vodafone Business UC logos in place of the presenters’ “You are sharing” bar on the shared screen.
If the presenter shares an application window, viewers will see a green border around the shared window, and other windows covering the shared application window will appear as a rectangle(s) with Vodafone Business UC logos.
Vodafone Business UC plans to release an update that will fix the screen flickering issue for presenters on the latest Windows 10 version. These users will no longer have to enable Use alternative screen sharing mode to resolve display issues.
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