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Navigating the Video interface in the app desktop and web

Last updated on February 14, 2022

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The Video interface acts as the main hub for starting, scheduling, and joining meetings. You can also connect your Microsoft and/or Google calendars via the Video interface. Once connected, you will see your scheduled meetings from these calendars.
You can access the Video interface by selecting the Video camera icon in the left-hand navigation bar.
Video interface
The Video interface is divided into two panes: the left pane, which contains your main navigation tabs, and the right pane, which contains the main options for a particular Video feature.  
The left pane in the Video interface contains the main navigation tabs that will take you to major features under Video. This pane will be divided into two sections: Video Meetings and Recordings

Video meetings

The Video Meetings section in the left pane contains the following tabs:
  • Meetings: This tab acts as the homepage for the Video interface. Here, you can start, schedule, and join meetings as well as view current and upcoming meetings for the next few days.
Video Meetings section

Recordings for Video

You can access your meeting recordings via the Recordings section in the left pane, which contains the following tabs:
  • All recordings: Contains a list of all recordings, both recordings you own and recordings that have been shared with you.
  • My recordings: Contains only a list of the recordings you own — meaning, recordings you started.
  • Shared with me: Contains only a list of the recordings that were shared to you by others.
Recordings in RCV
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