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Intro to call recording methods

Last updated on February 9, 2022
There are two ways to record calls: on-demand (manual) and automatic. Call recording is available to anyone who uses:
  • IP phones 
  • Phone desktop app 
  • Vodafone Business app (desktop and mobile)

On-demand call recording

On-demand call recording allows you to manually record phone calls at any time with the press of a button. A notification will play to callers when the recording starts and when it stops. If you are an admin, you can customize the notification callers hear.
This feature is available to Vodafone Business UC plan subscribers. 
Note: Automatic call recording needs to be turned off for on-demand call recording to work.

Automatic call recording

When automatic call recording is turned on, recording will automatically start at the beginning of each call, and stop once the call ends. This feature is off by default and must be turned on by an admin for each user. 
Note: Automatic call recording is available to Vodafone Business UC Premium subscribers.
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