Managing call history entries in the mobile app

Last updated on February 14, 2022
When you receive, make, or miss a call, those call entries will appear in your call history or missed call log, which you can access via the Phone menu in the menu bar at the bottom of the mobile app. You’ll find the call logs under the Calls tab.
In addition to seeing the name and number of each person in your call log, you can also perform specific actions on each person, such as calling back and messaging that person.

Managing your call logs

To call back the person, simply tap on the call log entry.
When you tap and hold down a call entry, the following icons will appear:
  • Phone: Tap the phone icon to call the number
  • Message: Tap the chat bubble icon to send a message
  • Info: Tap the circle with the letter ‘i’ icon to view the details of the call log entry. In here, you can also see the icons to call the person, and more actions to Create new contact, Add to existing contact, and Block/Unblock number
  • Video: Tap the video icon to start a video meeting
  • Delete: Tap the trash can icon to delete the call log entry
  • Select more: Tap Select more if you want to select more than one call log entries and delete them simultaneously
Please note that some icons may not be available depending on whether the number from the call log entry is part of your company contacts or personal contacts.
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