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Release Notes

March 2024 Release Highlights

Vodafone Business UC Core Updates
New features
  • App Integration Admin Controls (Calendar, Contacts & File Share): Ability for service web admins to limit app integrations for all users within account. 
  • External Shared Directory: Upload a list of external contacts that will be available in RingCentral endpoints (deskphones, desktop app and mobile app) 
  • Call Queue Forward All Calls: Easily forward all call queue calls to voicemail, an extension or external number, or an announcement with the click of a switch.    
  • Outbound CLI Restriction Enhancements: Allow customers to restrict direct numbers or company numbers from user outbound cli setting. 
  • Advanced Roles Based Permissions: Apply a more granular set of user admin permissions within your account. 
  • Call Queue Forward All Calls: Call queue managers can forward all call queue calls with the click of a switch 
  • Enhanced Device Analytics & Reporting: Available to all Premium & Premium Voice Only customers, Enhanced Device Analytics & Reporting enables admins to proactively monitor the global health of the company’s deskphone infrastructure. 
Device Support
  • Device firmware updates: Phone firmware upgrades now follow a quarterly schedule, making it easier for IT administrators to plan around rollout events. 
  • Device Custom Key Layout Support: Allow users to configure and customize their phone key layouts on a per device model basis. (see supported device list here
  • Multi User Device Support: As an admin, you can set up multiple users with a single ATA, allowing you to quickly and efficiently provision your workforce. 
Vodafone Business UC Desktop and Mobile app
  • Pop out conversation: Allow user to pop out multiple conversations into separate new windows for better multi-tasking. 
  • Call-specific ringtones: Set specific ringtones for each of your phone numbers. 
  • Message Reminders: Allow user to set a reminder for a message so that they can receive a notification and revisit this message at a later time 
  • Upload custom ringtone: Allow users to upload audio files to use as more appealing personalized ringtones. 
  • E2EE (end to end encryption) phone calling: Ability to add additional encryption for voice calls. 
  • Updated In-Call UX to improve call management: Improved client UX to manage simultaneous calls (such as call merge or call swap) 
  • Contacts filter search based on Department: Find contacts more easily within your account (mobile app only).
  • Enhanced Password Rules: Password composition rules for your VBUC account are now more secure. 
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