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Release Notes

March 2023 Release Highlights

Vodafone Business UC Core Updates
Admin Portal
  • Call Block permission: Permission have been decoupled for Call Blocking, Screening, Greeting, and Hold Music.
  • Call handling setting improvement: To provide a consistent user experience, the layout of wording of call handling setting screens have been adjusted to align with other control system areas.
  • Configure voicemail co-recipient for company calls: Can now be done via Vodafone UC with RingCentral App Desktop and Mobile now, in addition to the Admin Portal. 
  • New Admin only flexible federation model: Admins can manage multiple accounts from a centralized place with ease, access accounts without logging out, search across all accounts, assign admin across these accounts, and link accounts using admin only model while allowing them to stay separate and independent. 
  • Audit trail for enterprise admins on individual account updates: For account federation use cases, changes will be recorded on the account level if a role is assigned/removed/changed as a proxy admin. 
  • Bulk users upload improvement: The bulk template file name related to user management is now more understandable. The previous {account#}- {timestamp}, has been changed to {ActionName}-{AccountName}-{TimeStamp}. 
  • Add an existing phone as unassigned phone & device: Can now be done by admins with role/permission to add phones and devices to the account. 
  • Enable/disable headset support control: Admin can turn on or off headset features for users, and decide which vendor to use.  
  • Call handling custom rule creation: The user experience has been improved by starting rule definition with the intention (or condition to be met), and concluding the flow definition with a summary of the rule to be added. 
Call Handling
  • Ring co-worker option: When adding a co-worker to a user’s ring list - one can select to ring all of the co-worker’s Vodafone UC with RingCentral Desktop & Mobile Apps.
  • Display call forward indicator for incoming call: Users will now see an indication when an incoming call was forwarded from a co-worker or another extension. 
  • Shared voicemail: Access to these voicemail messages has been added to the RingCentral App Desktop and Mobile interfaces. 
  • Company directory support for uncertified SIP phones: Corporate directory will now work on standard SIP phones. 
Device Support
  • Assisted provisioning and support
    • Yealink W76P, W79P, CP925, CP965 & T4xU range 
    • Poly Rove & Edge 
    • Cisco ATA 191 & 192 

Vodafone Business UC Video and Meeting Services

  • Connect On-prem Exchange Calendar: Provide users with the function of connecting to Microsoft Exchange on-premise calendar and sync the meeting events into the Vodafone UC with RingCentral Desktop & Mobile app 
  • Improve the UX/UI for the intercept of add new member to a group: Now it’s easier to add new member to a group conversation from the ‘Add people’ button in the right rail and group profile. 
  • Support sharing recording when it’s still being processed: Hosts can now share meeting recordings with others even before they are finished being processed. 
  • Mute incoming call notifications while currently on a call: users will have the option to mute notifications for incoming calls when Call Waiting is turned off, ensuring that they are not interrupted by ringing during an active call. 

Vodafone Business UC Desktop & Mobile Clients

  • Check for updates: Ensure users are running the latest version 
  • Print incoming faxes automatically: Get your faxes on your printer 
  • Increased fax attachment limit to 50 MB: Send bigger faxes 
  • Launch app silently in Windows OS: Windows OS users will be able to have the RC App automatically launch silently in the background when their computer starts. 
  • Live transcription for Mobile app: When in a meeting, users will be able to capture what’s already discussed or being discussed in text format. They can also search and copy texts 
  • Brand new whiteboard user experience and user interface: new whiteboard UI and UX for a better collaborative experience. 
  • Fax scheduler: Now users can schedule your fax to go out at a specific time or date. 
  • Manage team administrators: Simplified mechanism to assign and unassign a team admin on mobile. 
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