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Quarter 4 Release Highlights

22.4 Oct 2022 to Dec 2022

Vodafone Business UC Core Updates
  • Bulk users upload: Provides better usability through enhanced templates, file upload process, and error handling.
  • Park Location key: Now added to phones automatically when members are added to the Park Location group.
  • DID upgrade: Account admins can now directly upgrade a Direct Inward Dialing (DID) number of a user to a full Vodafone Business UC Standard or Premium digital license (DL) license. The dependency will be an available license on the account to support the upgrade.
  • Mobile number substitute caller ID: To enable this functionality, customers must request this from Vodafone and provide documentation for the mobile number to be used.
  • Redundant Audio Codec (REC): Calls placed or received on Vodafone Business UC Desktop & Mobile clients will now use the RED codec for calls between users on the same organization. This new codec will enhance the quality of calls in poor network quality environments.
  • Fax Controls and Parameters: Account administrators can enable/disable fax service at the account or user levels, as well as specify some of the fax service parameters.
  • Admin Portal: Add voicemail as text: Account administrators can view voicemail as text when they access users’ message inbox.
  • Add audit trail for voicemail settings changes: The Vodafone Business UC system will add audit trails for these actions: forwarding or including voicemails as attachments.
Call Handling
  • Multi-site accounts: Incoming calls can be routed directly without going through an IVR menu.
  • Forward all company calls (FACC):
    • Single-site accounts: Administrative controls are extended to the Vodafone Business UC mobile application, and adding a banner across end points to indicate when forwarding is turned on.
    • Multi-sites accounts: The FACC feature is being added within the Service Web administration Portal.
Hardware Devices
  • New Phone models: New Devices added with support for assisted provisioning ( United Kingdom only):
    • Poly Edge E220, E320, E350, E450, and E550.
    • Yealink
    • Cisco
  • Vodafone BYOD Device Lock Feature: The new capability will provide a UX that will allow the Customer Admin to set a password and lock supported devices admin password.

Vodafone Business UC Video and Meeting Services

  • Chrome support on Android : Users now have the option for guest users to quickly join meetings via the Chrome browser from an Android phone or tablet.
  • Participant list user grouping to identify noisy users: This feature will enable the users to sort the participant list with a more intelligent logic which can identify the noisy users.
  • Recording playback speed control: Users can now control the speed of the meeting recording, they can speed up or speed down the player with the Recording Playback Speed Control.
  • Easier access to end-to-end encryption: Users can now turn on and off End-to-end encryption more easily from the meeting info pane

Vodafone Business UC Desktop & Mobile Clients

  • Bulk Delete Voice Mails: Allow user to bulk delete multiple entries from voicemail / recordings list
  • URL launch setting trigger - Ring vs answer: Launch an external app or website for incoming calls triggers an event to occur when a user receives an incoming call. Now users can choose between ‘ring’ and ‘answer’
  • Custom Enter/Return Settings for (Desktop Client): Provide a setting for user to customize what keyboard shortcuts they want to use to send the message/text or add a new line.
  • Message Edited Tag with Timestamp: Provided user with an ‘Edited’ tag with timestamp if a message was updated.
  • Past meetings (Recent List): Provide a page where a user can find all the meetings they have joined. 
  • One trust Cookie Consent: Users can see a cookie consent banner when visiting the App for the first time, and they can easily manage the cookie preferences.
  • Group users, in the Participant list: Sort the participant list with a more intelligent logic which can identify the noisy users much more easier.
  • On-premises Exchange Calendar support (Mobile): Users will be able to sync Microsoft Exchange account calendar events into the mobile app.
  • Message field improvements (Mobile): Our new expanded message field makes it easier to express yourself. We've made the message field larger to give you more space and you also can now access the emoji library as you write.
  • Background noise reduction (Mobile): Keep phone calls distraction-free by removing the sounds of barking dogs, leaf blowers, and other unwanted noises.
  • Show NQI details of phone calls (Mobile): Ability to see technical analysis of call quality network indicator parameters (packet loss, jitter, latency)
  • Android 13 Support (Mobile): Allow users to set an unique language for the Vodafone Business UC mobile application on Android 13
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